Universal Orlando Resort and LEAVE THE WALLET AND KEYS AT HOME

Posted on 05/17/2017 | About Orlando, Florida

When Universal Orlando Resort opens its new water park later this month, it will debut a new wristband that eliminates lines and the need for wallets. Universal officials say visitors will receive the Tapu Tapu wristbands upon entering the Volcano Bay water park. The wristbands send alerts to visitors when it's their turn for a ride. They also trigger special effects like shooting water cannons.

Visitors can use Tapu Tapu to pay for food and items in the gift shops.

Universal officials say the wristbands are their latest effort to get rid of hassles for visitors in what they hope is a “frictionless” experience.

The wristbands use a combination of radio frequency, Bluetooth and near-field communication technology.

Disney's parks also use wristbands, but Universal's have screens that can send messages.