RESCUE AT SEA Cruise passenger rescued after falling overboard

Posted on 02/21/2017 | About Caribbean,

A passenger was rescued about an hour after going overboard from a cruise ship in the Pacific. The female passenger was travelling on the Sun Princess when the incident occurred Friday afternoon.

As soon as it was known the woman was overboard life rings were thrown into the ocean and the ship then turned around and launched a boat to rescue her.
Cruise ship entertainer Will Martin told 1 NEWS, "It is unknown at this stage whether she fell accidentally or jumped intentionally. The 'Man Overboard' announcement came from the bridge shortly thereafter, and the ship was turned around in the hopes of finding the person.”
Martin said it took the ship took about 15 minutes to turn around.
"Passengers and crew alike were dotted around the ship at all vantage points in the hopes of assisting to locate the lost woman, he said.
"It felt like a long time scanning the ocean, trying to differentiate between the thousands of random white caps, and perhaps an actual person."
Shortly after 4.30pm Martin said the woman was located by the zodiac vessel and hauled aboard the Sun Princess.
The Sun Princess was sailing from Brisbane heading for the Pacific Islands.