OH OH 11 people pass through unmanned airport security checkpoint

Posted on 02/21/2017 | About New York City, New York

Authorities are trying to find eight of 11 people who passed through an unattended security checkpoint lane at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman says it happened Monday morning at Terminal 5. He says authorities identified three of the travellers, who got onto a flight to California and will be screened upon arrival there, which seems more than a tad like closing the barn door long after the horses have galloped off.

The eight others are believed to have boarded various flights.
The Transportation Security Administration confirms three passengers weren't properly screened after they walked through a metal detector, setting off alarms. It says all personal carry-on bags received the required screening.
The TSA says it's confident, though it neglects to explain the reason for such confidence, that the incident “presents minimal risk to the aviation transportation system” but it's being reviewed.