NOT A PLUS Couple booted from United flight

Posted on 04/17/2017 | About Houston, Texas

What is it with these guys? A couple flying to Costa Rica for their wedding later this week were removed from a United Airlines flight in Houston for not following crew instructions. Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell were allegedly ordered off the flight by a US Marshal after they moved to an empty row because another passenger was asleep in their seats when they boarded.

Now there are a couple of versions as to what happened:

Reportedly when a United Airlines flight attendant approached them to ask if they were in their ticketed seats, Hohl and Marshall explained that they were not and on learning they were in upgraded seats asked for an upgrade but were turned down.

The couple claims they returned to their original seats calmly but that a US Marshal appeared moments later to escort them off.

The airline however claims the pair sat in the upgraded seats without permission and that they refused to return to the ones they paid for.

“These passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats.

“We’ve been in touch with them and have rebooked them on flights tomorrow,” a spokesman said.

The couple said they were left bemused by the airline's treatment of them.

“We thought not a big deal, it’s not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat.

“We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat,” Hohl told NBC about their attempt to move.

A United spokesman said that the pair were in fact trying to sit in Economy Plus seats and that no police or US Marshals were involved.

You might think that after it’s nightmare PR debacle last week, United staff might try to win some grace points for the airline by offering the soon-to-be-newlyweds the Economy Plus seats rather than yet again playing the heavy and tossing them off the plane.