MAYBE NOW IS NOT THE TIME Safety worries dampen Chinese demand for North Korea tours

Posted on 04/20/2017 | About North Korea

Some Chinese tourism companies are eliminating or offering fewer trips to neighbouring North Korea as regional tensions and safety worries dampen demand. State-run media in China and members of the public have been critical of hostile statements from North Korean leaders as the nation pursues a nuclear arsenal.

Representatives of tour companies Ctrip, Caissa and China Youth Travel Service said Wednesday they are no longer organizing trips to North Korea.

Caissa sales manager Zhao Cuili says most tourists are unwilling to go because of safety concerns.

The two biggest companies, China International Travel Service and China Travel Service, say they still offer multi-day trips to North Korea.

China International Travel sales manager Zhao Haiwei says passengers must take North Korean airlines after the Civil Aviation Administration of China suspended flights.