Posted on 07/05/2017 | About Уса, Russia

Effective immediately the ban on laptops in carry-on bags no longer applies on Emirates flights to the US. The Dubai-based carrier said it has worked with US authorities to meet new security guidelines. Turkish media also reported Wednesday that passengers were allowed on board a New York-bound Turkish Airlines flight carrying their laptops and other devices. Turkish officials had earlier said that the ban would be lifted after a delegation of US security officials carried out inspections.


Last week, Turkey began using high-technology tomography devices to scan luggage at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport. It was not immediately clear what other security measures were taken.

For Emirates, its Dubai hub has grown into the world's busiest airport for international traffic, in large part thanks to the long-haul carrier's expansion. Since the laptop ban, Emirates had been offering some passengers laptops they can use in flight.

At the Abu Dhabi airport, where Etihad was the first carrier to have the ban removed, officials believe they'll see even more customers in the coming weeks as people learn they can keep their laptops and tablets on US-bound flights. Etihad operates 45 flights a week between the UAE's capital and six cities in the US.

The laptop ban was introduced by the US in March due to fears that bombs could be smuggled onboard in large electronic devices, including laptops. That ban, along with a Trump administration travel ban on six predominantly Muslim nations, has hurt Gulf carriers. Emirates has slashed 20 percent of its flights to America in the wake of those decisions.