Posted on 06/01/2017 | About France

Drivers to France are being warned of gas shortages as a strike by fuel tanker drivers runs into its sixth day. Hundreds of gas stations are reportedly running out of fuel and those in the Paris region are particularly badly affected.

Some members of the CGT union, which is demanding better pay and working conditions, have blockaded some fuel depots around the country.

The greater Paris region of Île-de-France has been by the far the worst hit the CGT claiming that up to 80 percent of fuel stations around the French capital could run out of stock.

Pierre Auclair who founded the mobile phone app Essence which allows drivers to flag up the petrol stations that have run out of fuel to create an interactive map told The Local that 76 percent of the 900 petrol stations affected are in the Paris region.

The UFIP union which represents the petroleum industry in France has said drivers should not panic. It says that gas stations are managing so far because they anticipated the strike and so took on extra stocks of fuel.

Government spokesman Christophe Castaner echoed the appeal Wednesday, saying the pumps "have all been re-supplied as normal" but that panic-buying was causing problems.

Petrol industry chiefs say that about a hundred stations out of total 11,000 are completely out of stock.