BIOMETRIC PATHWAY Facial recognition screening to be expanded to include US travellers

Posted on 05/11/2017 | About United States

US Customs and Border Protection’s Biometric Exit programme which was intended to use facial recognition technology to register visitors leaving the US, will be extended to also scan US residents when they re-enter the country or go through a TSA checkpoint.

"We're going to build this for (Biometric) Exit. We're out of time, we have to. But why not make this available to everyone? Why not look to drive the innovation across the entire airport experience?" said John Wagner, deputy assistant commissioner at CBP.

"As soon as you check in for arrivals or departure, we're going to stage your photo in that database," Wagner told attendees at a recent ConnectID conference.

The idea is to extend the universal scanning system ‘The Biometric Pathway’ as it is being called, beyond CBP checkpoints to TSA screening or airport lounge access to include all travellers.

"We want to make it available for every transaction in the airport where you have to show an ID today," he said.

The original Exit biometric programme is being tested on a Atlanta-Toyko flight and will roll out to seven more airports this summer.

"We are working closely with stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of biometric exit and exploring potential for inbound arrivals and other processes," a CBP spokesperson said.