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Acapulco Flora and Fauna

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Flora & Fauna

There are several lagoons located just outside Acapulco that are full of mangrove trees and wildlife. The network of canals through the dense forest can be traversed by boats where you can admire a wide variety of birds and listen to the pleasant sounds of their song.

Laguna de Chautengo
This laggon lies between the sea and a natural sandbank. Explore by boat the mangrove swamps inhabited by herons, seagulls and other sea birds.

Laguna de Coyuca
The landscape contrasts sharply with that of Acapulco. The lagoon is an exotic estuary with lush tropical vegetation, wild fauna and small islands.

Here there are dozens of mangrove swamps where hundreds of sea birds come to feed. The area is ideal for swimming and sport fishing.

Tres Palos
Is an ideal lagoon for hiring a boat and enjoying its exuberant vegetation and the local fauna.

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